ParticipAction-Let’s Get Moving.

In the contemporary information age, it is much easier to access knowledge and information than ever before. However, the increased ease and access to information has not been without its cost to society. An increasing number of people are leading sedentary lifestyles which has led to an increase in lifestyle related health and wellness complications such as increased risk of type 2 diabetes, reduced physical, mental, and immunological fitness as well as predisposition to specific types of cancers. Olivia’s presentation on ParticipAction Let’s Get Moving campaign related that the Canadian Government launched this not-for profit campaign to increase physical activity among Canadians as a means of promoting healthy lifestyles. I agree with Olivia’s rating of the campaign as a success, after all, it emerged as the most easily recognized physical activity brand in Canada.  Most parents were able to recognize the key messages associated with the campaign.

I find this campaign interesting and instructive because its active digital presence and messages on social media platforms reminds many of us of the dangers of sedentary lifestyle which we are guilty of and the name of the campaign is equally a push. The website made available the materials and resources that were needed to facilitate the change from a sedentary to a more active lifestyle. Some of the resources available from here include posters, online documents, an informative blog , and factsheets. It also includes a webinar section where speakers address  specific concerns related to physical activity. On the social media platforms, the campaign had about 47,000 Facebook fans, 15,000 followers on Twitter, and huge followings on Instagram and LinkedIn. The campaign has a YouTube channel that has videos in both English and French, reflecting the dual influences on the Canadian culture. I encourage you to watch the videos because they are fun, informative, and aesthetically appealing.

One amusing fact is that in the bid to surf the campaign’s website and get the best of its content-rich message, one has to devote some screen time and this clearly negates the essence of the campaign. However, PartipAction campaign’s use of digital communication tools and online presence present the most effective and appropriate means of reaching most people simultaneously with a content -rich message.  ParticipAction is moving Canadians to move more, join us and get moving.


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