It’s In You To Give:

It’s in you to give campaign was introduced by the Canadian Blood Services to encourage Canadian people to donate blood for people who are suffering from blood deficiency diseases. The Canadian Blood services is a non-profit seeking charitable trust that collects fund for improving the health care system in the nation.Jean Sauveur’s presentation on the digital communication tools used for the campaign was my initial introduction to this campaign which is dedicated to giving to save lives.  The campaign was used to encourage everyone to donate blood. I find the campaign very attractive and one specific reason is the website tagged “You have the power to give” which is not only colourful but has red as its dominant colour reflecting blood which is the specific need of the organization. Also, the website features good content and delivery because it documented stories of recipients whose lives were saved through blood donation. Tagged, “Real people, Real Stories”, there is a human touch to the campaign and I could identify the need and why everyone should be a part of the campaign. I found the education on blood type on the campaign web page very instructive and this will further increase traffic to the page.

The Facebook page of the Canadian Blood Services is another digital communication tool used to make the campaign effective. The page featured blood donors who are proud to “give life”. The story of Ed giving 1200th blood donation at 72 and other stories on the Facebook page is thrilling and I was drawn to finding the nearest blood donation centre to donate blood. I guess the campaign as featured on the Facebook pulled many supporters, sponsors and donors. Along with the Facebook,the organization, has used other social media like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to publish the campaign. The use of digital media has helped the organization to popularize its campaign and meet the objectives. The Twitter handle has over 39,000 followers,Facebook 89,000 likes while Instagram has about 4,000. I consider the popularity of the campaign in the social media, a testimony of its effectiveness and success.

The use of various digital media communication tools to drive any singular campaign is quite effective and it increases the success rate of the campaign as evidenced by ‘It’s in you to give’ campaign of the Canadian blood services that received more funding, sponsorship and blood donors after its wide and varied digital communication presence. This campaign makes me understand the saying ‘It’s not about more digital, it’s about smarter digital.


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