“Make their tomorrow as good as your today”

Sickkid’s Better Tomorrow campaign documented forty- five real life videos of children suffering from health and inborn problems along with their families all across forty-five days that brought a new revolution in an online campaign of a hospital. The campaign was made of forty-five 30 seconds commercial that were broadcast on television and online media. It is indeed an ambitious and very effective campaign that harnessed the power of real patients and film to communicate the depth and breadth of health-care to Sickkids. The main aim of the campaign was to bring people close to the cause of saving the lives of the Sickkid’s children. I am reviewing the campaign in support of Nicole Saunder’s presentation during the digital communication class where she analyzed the campaign and  adjudged it a success.

The campaign used several digital communication tools to reach its target audiences. The 30-seconds commercial was spotted on YouTube Channels, Facebook, Twitter and the official website of the company. The twitter handle ,#giveaday, and additional spots that ran in movie theatres enhanced the reach of the campaign. I particularly find the Sickkids digital campaign innovative and a positive twist to bringing alive,drawing emotions and response from stakeholders. The one year later videos released by the Sickkids foundation added to the success story of the campaign. The website, Facebook page, YouTube channels had increased likes and views. The presentation of real-life experiences digitally by the “Better Tomorrows” campaign is so unique that every viewer has been emotionally touched. Lori Davidson, director of brand marketing and communications at SickKids noted that ‘The closer people are to the cause, the more invested they are in wanting to help’ . The position proved true because the films and videos posted during the campaign brought SickKids closer to donors and supporters.

The digital communication tools used for the campaign was quite effective in raising funds for the hospital to develop its services. Several companies like Siemens and others started supporting the hospital in serving its patients. These companies started providing funds to the hospital to improve its childcare services. In the modern age of technology, the Sickkids foundation has effectively utilized every available electronic as well as digital media for promotion of the campaign. Television, Campaign videos, Organization website, Movie theatres, YouTube channel, and Social media, no relevant medium was left out.

I sincerely appreciate the contemporary digital communication tools used in the Sickkids Better Tomorrows’ campaign which can be termed as very effective for the precise fundraising program, I will however consider including in the campaign video and online presentations, the support of the hospital staffs providing the services in addition to the real-life experiences of the children and their families . The hospital staffs are very strategic to the progressive healing of the Sickkids. I am aware the medical team and other   SickKids care givers appear on the blog sites of the organization which is good, but more videos and films featuring them will add more people becoming as close to the cause as they can.


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Nicole Saunders. (2016). Presentation on Digital communication tools of SickKids Foundation better tomorrow campaign.

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